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Satellites List

Here is a list of satellites as listed on that have channels in DVB format.  Some channels listed are FTA (Free-To-Air) and some are encrypted (Pay TV).  Note that these lists can become out of date quickly as frequencies and channels change often.  With FTA system you can only watch the unscrambled clear DVB channels with an.  Other scrambled channels are not free and require a subscription from their provider.

What is C Band & KU Band?

  • C-Band:   Frequencies between 3.700 - 4.200 GHz are on C-Band and require a satellite dish 7.5' (2.25m) or larger.

  • Ku-Band:  Frequencies between 10.700-12.750 GHz are on Ku-Band.  Most Ku-Band satellites require a 30" dish or larger.  To verify what size dish you will need, check the footprint of the satellite for your area!



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