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Can FTA satellite receivers (digital FTA satellite receivers) be modified to receive unauthorized channels?

Please read our policies below.

Can I purchase large quantities of satellite receivers from

We only sell digital satellite receivers in quantities of 9 and under. If you are looking for a larger quantity of digital satellite receivers, you will have to visit the aqui.

Are digital FTA satellite receivers legal?

Yes. Please note that we do not modify any of our digital satellite receivers in anyway which could allow them to be considered illegal. All signals are Free-To-Air (FTA) signals which are accessible to anyone in the world with a digital FTA satellite receiver.  Please read our policies below concerning modification.



It has come to our attention that people have been modifying FTA digital satellite receivers in order to receive unauthorized satellite channels by downloading illegal software from satellite forums across the internet. does not participate nor have any affiliation with DSS Forums. Do not contact us for any information concerning DSS software or DSS files. All e-mails regarding software or modification will not be answered.

This product is produced and sold in order to pick up educational and local channels across the world that the provider does not charge for. If you have any questions you can contact us to have them answered. We will not answer any questions that concern modification or downloading of illegal software onto our digital satellite receivers.  Modification to our satellite receivers voids all of our warranties that we offer on our products.



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