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COOLSAT 4000 Pro


CoolSat 4000 Pro has Blind Search, On-Screen Display Menu, Auto-Key Grabber, Dolby-Surround Sound, S-Video High Resolution Output, and many other unique features. The newest receivers to hit the market, the CoolSat is the Rolls-Royce of Satellite Receivers.


COOLSAT 4000 Plus

CoolSat 4000 Plus has one of the fastest satellite-searching software to date. As one of the newest receivers to hit the market, the CoolSat boasts many features and a wide range of functionality.


PanSat 2700a

PanSat 2700A, which is the updated version of the 2500A, also comes with the graphical interface feature, Blind Search and many other features.


FORTEC Star Ultra

ForTec Star Ultra is one of the most powerful digital FTA satellite receiver that we carry.  This digital satellite receiver also has the Power Scan function that helps it perform faster satellite signal searches.  The ForTec also allows for you to create and store up to 5 different Favorite Channel lists.


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